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Lanarte Diamond painting kit Wolf

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LanArte Diamond Painting Kit Complete DIY Kit

Fully dotted
Pre-sorted Diamonds by Number, Multi Colour
This technique can be seen as embroidery with, diamonds. All you need to do is remove the plastic, foil and stick the small diamonds onto the printed, pattern to create a dazzling mosaic.

The perfect project to work on with the entire family. Diamond paintings guarantee hours, of fun with an amazing result! The kits include a printed pattern with a sticky, layer on it and enough dots to complete the work, of art. In the kit are a stylus and tray included, to make it easier to pick up and stick down the diamonds. You can use the reusable plastic bags, for the leftover diamonds when you are taking a break or want to change colours.

Finished Size: 35 x 35 cm / 14" x 14"

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