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Fabriano Ispira Soft Cover 85gsm Lined A5 96sht

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Fabriano Ispira Soft Cover 85gsm Lined A5 96sht

Ispira, available in 4 different colours, from bright red to deep black. Available in both hard and soft back versions, rubberised and splash-resistant.
Ispira, with an extra smooth, velvety inner paper so your pen – fountain, ballpoint, marker or whatever you prefer to take notes with – slides quickly across the paper. The smoothest natural paper we have – Splendorgel Avorio 85 g/m2 – ivory-coloured to relax the eyes.
Ispira is our collection of totally eco-friendly journals/notebooks that help you keep up with everything you need to remember.

Weight or thickness - 85 gsm

Format - 14,8x21 cm OR 9x14 cm

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