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Holbein Round Soft Pastel Singles

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Introducing Holbein Artists’ Round Soft Pastels Single, a testament to Holbein's commitment to artist-quality materials:

  • Highly Pigmented: Rich colours with superior covering and blending power.
  • Innovative Manufacturing: Crafted using a unique computerized and mechanized process for consistent quality.
  • Uniform Distribution: Computer-scanned for even pigment distribution and purity in every pastel.
  • Vivid and Lightfast: Colours are vivid, lightfast, and water-soluble, meeting Holbein's high standards.
  • Artist Quality: Carefully selected for a soft, smooth consistency ideal for artists.
  • Excellent Blending: Rich pigmentation for seamless blending and coverage.
  • Round Pastels: Conveniently sized at approximately 10mm diameter x 25mm long with a round shape, each stick is individually packaged for ease of use.

Immerse yourself in the world of Holbein Soft Pastels, where each pastel is a masterpiece of colour and quality."

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