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Daniel Smith Mayan Watercolor Set

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The Mayan Colors Bundle from DANIEL SMITH celebrates the remarkable rediscovery of Mayan Blue, a unique and mysterious pigment from pre-Columbian Mesoamerica

First created in the ninth century, Mayan Blue was a hybrid pigment of organic and inorganic compounds, including the plant-based indigo.

Ancient Mayan civilizations relied upon its luminous and lightfast properties until it disappeared in the 1600s.

Its fabrication remained a mystery for hundreds of years. Scientists finally identified its unique crystalline structure in the 1950s and successfully duplicated the ancient process to bring the lost Mayan Blue pigment back to the art world.

In addition to Mayan Blue Genuine this set of 15ml tubes includes 5 more brilliant, newly developed colors from the same pigment manufacturer.

Set includes;

  • Myan Red
  • Myan Yellow
  • Myan Orange
  • Myan Dark Blue
  • Myan Violet
  • Myan Blue Genuine


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