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Knitpro Lace Blocking Wires

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Knitpro Lace Blocking Wires

Great selection of wires and pins, creating even tension for blocking your fine knitted garments.
The blocking wires, both flexible and non-flexible to suit the needs of a delicate lace project. 
Slip the wire through the edges of your lace project and place pins along the inside of the wires to hold them in place while the lace dries. 

  • 6 Wires in length of 95cm (37.5″) each
  • 6 Wires in length of 50cm (19.5″) each
  • 3 Flexible wires in length of 95cm (37.5″)
  • 20 T-Pins
  • 1 measuring tape

All wires are stainless steel and rust resistant.

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