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Hazel Blomkamp Nightshade

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Please Note: This is a complete kit of materials, but requires Hazel Blomkamps book Hand Stitch Crazy Patchwork (sold seperately)

Product Description

The original of this design measures 250 x 175 mm and has been mounted in the lid of a box that holds the many remote controls that the world now requires to operate their entertainment systems.

Included Materials

Print Pack:
The Nightshade line drawing screen-printed in light blue ink onto a Natural-coloured 45/55 Cotton/Linen blend. The ink is indelible.

Threads Pack:
DMC stranded cotton Ecru, 310; DMC Perle #12 Ecru, 310; DMC Special Dentelles #80 Ecru, 310; DMC Diamant D140, D3821; Superlon Black.

Bead Pack:
Miyuki 15° 401F x 2g, 15⁰ 458 x 8g, 15° 2442 x 8g, 11° 401F x 2g, 11â° 577 x 2g, 8° 401F x 2g, #1-401 x 2g, SB1.8-234 x 8g; Preciosa Pearls 2mm cream x 1 g; Swarovski 34ss Jet

Needle Pack:
Embroidery Needles, #7, #10,
Beading Needles #10
Tapestry Needles #26

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