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Daylight Magnificent Pro Lamp

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Magnificent Pro Lamp
Magnifying Floor / Desk Light (Adjustable)

The flexible neck and arm allow for the light to be positioned exactly where you want without any drooping or movement while the contrasting easy-grip grey handles enable you to easily operate and manoeuvre the lamp.

Bright 6,000K Daylight LEDs and a CRI (Colour Rendering Index) of over 95 give an excellent light quality and enable you to see colours accurately no matter the time of day or night.
Adjust the brightness to your task at hand with a choice of 3 brightness levels and see your work clearly and with an unobstructed view thanks to the large 13cm 1.75X semi-rimless magnifying lens.

Versatile floor magnifier, table magnifier and task lamp
This lamp will fit into any décor with its elegant, neat and unobtrusive design
Ideal for close up tasks, sewing, cross stitch, reading, embroidery and craft



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