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Cico Books The Hand-Knitted Nursery

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Knitting provides a great way of injecting style and color into interiors while also adding warmth and comfort, making it the perfect method of decorating a nursery.

Here Melanie Porter presents a collection of hand-knitted nursery room projects, as well as baby clothes and toys.

The book is divided into two sections: Baby’s Room, which is inspired by vintage color palettes, and Toddler’s Room, which includes more contemporary and vibrant designs.

Discover patterns to cover baskets and coat hangers, as well as blankets for both mom and baby, rugs, and pillows.

Make gorgeous decorations, from a mobile and hanging pompoms to letter wall art and embroidery hoop pinboards.

Classic baby knits are included, too—booties, hats, and mittens—and toys, such as knitted blocks and even a rocking sheep!

The comprehensive techniques section covers the basics for beginners and acts as a helpful reference guide for experienced knitters.

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