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Arches Oil Pad Cold Pressed 300gsm 12sheet

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Arches Oil Pad Cold Pressed 300gsm 12sheet

Introducing a new product from the manufacturer of the #1 watercolour paper in the world; Arches for oil. Arches for oil is a cold pressed heavy weight 300gsm paper made from 100% cotton. The paper is manufactured to the highest standards, featuring a unique sizing and barrier made specifically for oils and even acrylics. This special sizing enables the paper to be worked vigorously even allowing the use of impasto techniques. The main feature which separates Arches for oil from canvas is that it does not need to be prepped or primed. This step can save you money on materials as well as time waiting for your primer to dry.

The paper is acid free and uses no optical brightening agents . It is also archival quality.


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