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Search Press Pocket Book Of Crochet by Claire Gelder - A great "How to Crochet" Guide

From best-selling author and crafting queen Claire Gelder, this gorgeous mini guide is packed full of crochet know-how, practical illustrations and three simple projects. Perfect for complete beginners, this book breaks down everything you need to know about crochet. The book is structured as a simple 3-step course that will help you progress from bronze to gold as your skills and confidence grow. Start with the basic stitches and simple joining, build up a few more stitches for your collection, then finally add in some simple shaping and some pompoms. Put all your skills together to create three wonderful projects. Filled with affirmations, this wonderful book is the ideal introduction to crochet for a complete beginner. 

Author: Claire Gelder.
Hardcover, 128 pages.
Published Year: 2023.
ISBN 9781800920736.

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