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HFAW Washi Roll - Sumi Paper

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Washi Roll - Sumi Paper

Explore the versatility of Whenzou Paper Rice Paper, perfect for various crafts like paper, sumi painting, and calligraphy. Known for its strength and soft texture, it's great for Sumi-e or Chinese brush painting, calligraphy, and more.

Use it for inkjet printing, window covering, mounting, bookbinding, block printing, rubbing, stamping, kite and lantern making, and collage.

This premium Wenzhou Rice Paper is praised as the "king of all papers." Its pH-neutral and archival qualities ensure durability, with a supposed lifespan of a thousand years. The 30gsm weight and soft texture make it resistant to aging and pests, providing even absorption for your creative projects.

Key Features:

  • pH neutral and archival
  • 30gsm translucent rice paper
  • Made from mulberry bark fiber


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