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Liberty Garden Party - Meadow Haze - High summer

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You are cordially invited to join us at home, in the heart of the beautiful British countryside as we gather to celebrate the height of summer with a lavish garden soirée.

Take time to explore the bright blooming garden on a golden summer evening; wander along the rolling green lawns, flecked with picturesque follies, and pause to enjoy the scent and splendour of the Rose Garden.

Applaud the jesters as they perform, and marvel at the resident peacock’s elegant display of dazzling feathers.

Finally, take a seat at the banquet table as we feast through the night on fine cakes and dessert...almost too pretty to eat.

Approx. 44" (112cm) Wide

100% Cotton

Suitable for quilting, sewing, dressmaking, general crafting, decorating.

Patchwork / Quilting Fabric:

Liberty Garden Party - Meadow Haze - High summer

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