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Clover Yarn Ball Winder - Premium

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Clover Yarn Ball Winder - Premium

Effortlessly transform skeins of yarn into perfectly organized and tangle-free center-pull balls with this sleek yarn ball winder, designed for both efficiency and ease of use, making your knitting or crocheting experience a breeze. Designed with a protective cover and an inner lid to prevent yarn from becoming tangled and lint from entering while you wind yarn. The optimized distance between the yarn guide and bobbin allows you to easily wind up to 3.5oz of yarn. This package contains one Clover Yarn Ball Winder.

This product looks at a glance the same as cheaper models - but this has been made to the Clover standard.
This is heavier duty, more stable & winds faster then our other similar models.

If you dont have room for a large wooden winder this is our top recommendation!

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