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Tonic Tim Holtz - Maxi Guillotine - 12.25"

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The Tim Holtz 12.25" / 31cm Maxi Guillotine is a long format but portable guillotine. Featuring hardened stainless steel precision ground blade and accurate grid built with the card making crafter in mind.

5.5" / 14.5cm Width Markings, 12.5" / 31.5cm with extended arm.
Cut length of up to 12.25" / 31cm.
Soft Grip handle for comfort, removable for compact storage
Hardened Stainless Steel blades for precision and durability.
Spring-loaded finger bar for easy and safe paper holding.
Magnetic recess area for storing paper clips and tags.
Removable extension arm for full oversize 12" x 12" card, stores conveniently underneath the time when not in use.

With a Kushgrip comfort handle that stores conveniently under the base and a hardened stainless steel precision ground blade, the Maxi Guillotine is the ideal large format crafters guillotine.

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