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Triumph ZOOM LED Desktop Magnifying Lamp

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Triumph 56 LED Desktop Magnifying Lamp, Gooseneck, WHITE with Lens Cover

56 Bright LEDs.
Touch sensitive on/off with stepless dimming control and memory brightness function
3 Colour Temperatures, Warm (2700k - 3300k); Natural (3900k - 4500k); and White (6000k - 6500k)
3X Magnifier with cover
Flexible rubber gooseneck
Sturdy weighted base
AC/DC adapter included

Direction light for working and reading LED light bulbs contain no mercury (unlike a Compact fluorescent lamp or CFL), they turn on instantly, and the lifetime is unaffected by cycling on and off, so that they are well suited for light fixtures where bulbs are often turned on and off. The LED light bulbs are also mechanically robust whereas most other artificial light sources are fragile. White-light light-emitting diode lamps have much longer life expectancies and higher efficiency than most other lighting.

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