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Triumph Hot Glue Gun

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Trendy Trims Sewing Supplies & Accessories
Hot Melt Glue Gun - HB500

Where would a crafter be without a glue gun? Glue guns are the mainstay of the crafting world, making thousands of projects possible.

This Hot Melt Mini Glue Gun operates at high temperatures for a stronger, more robust glue bond. The small size is ideal for working on all sorts of projects from scrapbooking to card making and home decoration designs to handmade accessories.

Simply load the glue gun with one of the two 7mm glue sticks included, plug into an electric socket and turn the power on to begin heating your glue gun. After around five minutes, your glue gun will be ready to use.

This pack contains:
1x Glue Gun
2x Glue sticks 7mm
1x Wire Stand

For best results use Trendy Trims 7mm Glue sticks.

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