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Pigma Micron 02 - 0.30mm

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Pigma Micron pens are waterproof and permanent fineliners that are loyally used by designers, scientists, archivists, architects, Manga artists, cartoonists, illustrators and hobbyists. The fine nib makes this pen ideal for creating both technical and artistic drawings. The fineliners have a protective metal sleeve around the extended tip to give extra control and increased resilience when used with drawing aids such as rulers.

Pigma Micron is the first disposable technical pen using archival pigmented ink.  It does not smear, feather, or bleed through on most paper.


  • Used by technical professionals such as anthropologists, entomologists, scientists, engineers, archivists, architects and in research laboratories.
  • Does not smear, feather, or bleed through on most paper.
  • Permanent, archival quality ink.
  • Waterproof, and fade resistant.
  • Water-based formulation of pigment-based inks, more complex and stable than dye-based inks.


  • Ink type: Water-based pigment ink
  • Line width: 0.30 mm

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