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Chenille-It CHENILLE-IT 5/8" 40YD

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Chenille-It Blooming Bias roll - 40 yd - 5/8"W

The 5/8 inch width is on approximately 40 yard rolls.   Chenille-It Blooming Bias is the perfect product for your next quilt!  Use it for raw-edge appliqués, in between seams, or anywhere you want that added texture and drama on your piece!

For a plush chenille reminiscent of vintage quilts, but with a fresh modern look and feel, simply stitch a single layer of Chenille-it down the center anywhere you want the look of chenille.  Finish by washing and drying to fluff up! 

Use the 5/8 inch width on the edge of quilts instead of binding (faster, easier and softer), or stitch over seams to give the look of a rag quilt without the cutting and mess.

Ideas & Tips


1. Place Blooming Bias™ strip onto fabric surface wherever you want a chenille accent. 
2. Sew down the center of the strip with a shortened straight stitch setting on your sewing machine. 
3. Add additional rows of chenile in the same manner, completeing your design. 
4. You may use one or two layers of the bias to create your chenille. You will not need more than two layers! 
5. Machine wash project on cold cycle, dry warm. * 
* alternative method: Spray with water, rub with stiff brush to fray thread, and dry with hair dryer.
You can also stitch the Blooming Bias™ into place on a fabric that you do not want to wash and simply brush it dry for a more fringed effect! You don't even have to get it wet! 
Note: Wash red or dark colors separately. Apply red Blooming Bias™ to dark colors only as it will bleed.

Chenille-It™ takes the work out of making chenille and brings back all of the fun and magic. Because the process is so simple it opens a new world of possibilities that you would not be able to do with traditional layered chenille.
These are just a few of the endless design options for using this new "Blooming Bias™". 
You are no longer limited to "bias" stitching lines. Lay down your chenille strips in any direction and any angle. Curved lines are now possible with perfect results. Play with shapes and designs.
Finish edges of jackets, vests and quilts with chenille instead of binding!

Because you are putting your chenille wherever you want it you can make garments that combine chenille with other techniques. Lines of chenille are a perfect frame for machine embroidery, applique or hand painted fabrics. Use a little or a lot, it's up to you!
Combine colors, laying one color on top of another. Change colors every time you stitch a new row! Stitch Chenille-It™ to water soluble stabilizers for soft open-work chenille scarves, jackets, ponchos and more.  
Embellish ready-to-wear garments such as denim jackets, sweat shirts or childrens wear with chenille! This is just a few of the easy, fast and fabulous ways of using the new "Blooming Bias™. Have fun playing with this new chenille process!

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