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Potter Craft Simply Silver & Gold

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Nancy Alden, jewelry designer and cofounder of the famed Beadworks bead stores, shows you the secrets to making gold and silver jewelry worthy of Tiffany or Bergdorf Goodman—but with a personal touch and at a fraction of the jewelry store’s price.

For beginners as well as more experienced jewelry-makers, Simply Silver, Simply Gold walks you through 50 projects for making gold and silver necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and more with silver and gold beads, crystals, and gems. Once you have mastered the easy-to-learn skills, you’ll find yourself returning to Simply Silver, Simply Gold again and again for techniques, ideas, and inspiration.

A companion to Simply Pearls, this book offers the same easy-to-understand instructions for designing uniquely beautiful jewelry.

The shimmer of silver and glint of gold will always be essential elements of classic jewelry.

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