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The Crewel Work Company Elizabethan Scrolls Kit

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Elizabethan Scrolls Kit
Intermediate Crewel Work Kit

This design is based on an original antique petticoat edge from Phillipa’s antique crewel work collection. The design was originally used as popular pattern for silk embroidered Elizabethan coifs, but 100 years later was used in this larger scale for the creation of a pelmet in a set of bed hangings.

Using the original design as a template, Phillipa uses a wide range of crewel work stitches, colours and techniques. The scale of this design is much larger than the scale of the Elizabethan stitched coifs, and therefore an ideal introduction to Elizabethan designs.

Suitable for: Intermediate embroiderers
Design size: 22 x 27.5cm (9 x 11 in)
Linen size: 43 x 47cm (17 x 18 1/2 in)
Techniques: Laid and Couched Work, Long and Short as ‘short shading’, Reversed Chain, Raised Satin, Satin, Fan, Crewel Stem, Closed Fly Stitches and French Knots.

All of our Crewel Work kits feature the highest quality materials that authentically replicate those found in 16th and 17th century embroideries.


What's in a kit?

These include:
Specialist 'S' Twist Linen Twill Ground Fabric
- made to historic specifications
- minimum of 10 cm (3 inches) space on either side of the design

Depending on the kit, we use either Appletons Wools from England or hand-dyed Renaissance Wools from France
- full skeins or hanks, not strands!
- 2-ply

Printed material
- Full, bespoke instructions created by Phillipa Turnbull and carefully illustrated by our in-house artist Georgie. We take extra care to make sure we're by your side for each step of the process
- Stitch & Colour Chart to make sure you are in no doubt about where each colour and stitch type goes
- Essential Guide to Crewel Work Booklet - a specially created foundation guide for those who want to go over the basics from threading a needle to blocking your finished work.

Needles & beads
- Specialist for Crewel embroidery
- Gold-plated for single thread
- Polished nickle for double thread
- Beads (if your design has eyes!)


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