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Reeves Soft Pastel 1/2 Set/32

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Reeves Soft Pastel 1/2 Set of 32
Case with 32 colors short stick in the colours: 
White, yellow, lemon yellow, light yellow, Naples yellow, Ocher yellow, Peach, orange, fire red, Red, Light red, Pink, Light pink, Violet, Light violet, Dark blue, Ultramarine Blue, Ultramarine Blue, Medium Blue, Emerald, Grass Green, Light Green, Green, Ocher Red, Salmon, Siena Land, Light Brown, Van Dick Brown, Ceramic, Dark Gray and Black.

Reeves square-shaped Soft Pastels are made with high quality pigments to give you excellent lightfastness and strong vibrant colours.

Extremely soft and easy to apply, they are perfect for colour blending and are suitable for use on textured paper or card.


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