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Trekell Golden Taklon 6" Handle - Grainer

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Golden Taklon - 6" Short Handle

Trekell’s Golden Taklon line of synthetic hair brushes finds the ideal middle ground between versatility and durability.

A top-seller, these fine art brushes hold their shape and maintain their fine points under the toughest conditions.

  • Works with all media – acrylic, watercolor, oil, enamel, ink, gouache
  • Synthetic / Vegan-friendly
  • Medium firmness, smooth bristles
  • Great for beginners
  • 6”, Short Handle
  • Top-seller


A grainer "stretches" colors, producing soft shades. This brush has the ability to create grass, hair, fur, and similar effects depending on the pressure applied. If turned on its side, it can lay down precision edges, too. These additional powers are thanks to its thinner profile that forms a sharp point. This brush is on a short handle.

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