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Trekell Legion (Syn. Mongoose) - Long Flats

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Trekell Legion (Syn. Mongoose) - Long Flats

Trekell’s Legion line is the rare synthetic brush that feels natural. However, there’s a key difference: While the Legion performs like a natural mongoose brush, exhibiting a deft control over oils & acrylics, it’s imbued with the durability of stronger synthetics.

  • Ideal for oil and heavy body acrylic paint
  • Synthetic / Vegan-friendly
  • Firm, slightly textured bristles
  • Great shape retention and snap
  • 10”, Long Handle


The long flat, like the name suggests, is a longer flat brush with a subtly convex tip resembling a chisel. Known for holding its shape, a long flat is ideal if precision and control is needed when working with heavier paints. It has a superior snap, meaning it springs back to its original shape. This brush is on a long handle.

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