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Uni Posca 4.5-5.5mm Bold Bullet 16 Pack - Assorted

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Uni Posca 4.5-5.5mm Bold Bullet 16 Pack - Assorted

16 markers in the pack

The PC-7M has a very handy broad bullet tip.
Appreciated by both amateurs and professionals for its broad bullet tip enabling both precise colouring and large-scale precision work. It is the natural complement to the PC-8K.
The PC-7M enables artists to paint and draw on any surface, indoors or outdoors (frescoes, large canvases?), customisers to personalise their equipment (bikes, motorbikes, surfboards, skateboards?) and both amateurs and professionals to decorate windows and displays.

  • Efficient – Its large bullet tip is ideal for large-format creations.
  • Precise – It is perfect for colouring and large-scale precision work
  • Reliable – Its tip is ideal for drawing smooth and regular curves
  • Accessible – Iits broad bullet tip is easy to use, even for beginners.

Uni Posca 4.5-5.5mm Bold Bullet 16 Pack - Assorted Reviews

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