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IWATA Gravity Airbrush Eclipse Takumi Side Feed Dual Action 0.35mm

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Who sprays with Iwata Eclipse Takumi Side Feed Dual Action Airbrush?

• Artisans looking for unparalleled responsiveness and balance
• Those who want an inspired gravity assisted two-piece side feed cup design with siphon cut lid that vastly improves paint flow and minimizes clogging when compared to old-style cups
• Professional Painters and hobbyists spraying fine to wide level of detail
• Those who want the ease of Eclipse’s compression fit drop in nozzle
• Right or left-handed users
• 0.10 oz / 3 ml cup option sold separately

If I prefer a siphon side feed cup, can I use one with Takumi brushes?
Yes, you can use our existing side feed bottles on your Takumi. See all the sizes here.

Will the Takumis have the same head system parts but with a shortened needle?
Yes, Takumi model will have its own unique shortened needle.

What is the size of the needle?
The new shortened needles will be the same diameter as the needles for the previous side feed models but will have a decreased length to accommodate the Takumi’s compact body style.

Will the Takumi models do fine lines?
Both Takumi models have been enhanced with a new compact design and features to make them more responsive and well suited for precise work. Custom Micron remains the preferred series for extreme detailed spraying.

Will the parts for the Takumi be available for use on other models?
All parts will be available for purchase. The cup adaptor is compatible with most side feed models including the High Performance SB Plus. The wider trigger can be used with Eclipse and Revolution series airbrushes.

What are the benefits of side feed vs gravity feed?
Side feed and gravity feed both have advantages. Many users prefer side feed because:
- It provides a direct line of sight as the cup does not obscure the work
- They like having multiple cup and bottle options
- They enjoy the ability to spray at any angle, even upside down
- They like the flexibility of moving the cup or bottle to the left or right side of the airbrush

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