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Free Spirit Tula Pink Gift Rapt - Blush || ROAR!

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Free Spirit Tula Pink || ROAR

Patchwork / Quilting Fabric
Approx. 44" (112cm) Wide
100% cotton
Suitable for quilting, sewing, dressmaking, general crafting, decorating

From Tula Pink:

"When I was a child I believed that every hill I saw was simply where a dinosaur laid down and died and then grass grew over it. I have no idea where this information came from but to my 6 year old mind this was a flawless piece of logic. I used to look out the window and try to guess which kind of dinosaur each hill was hiding while checking my children's encyclopedia of pre-historic animals. I was pretty good at it, considering this was my own theory I was correct 100% of the time. As an adult the dinosaur wing is still my first stop at the Natural History Museum.

Dinosaurs are amazing and huge and mysterious. They lived tens of millions of years ago and the fascination with these giant creatures still exists today. Is it their size? Definitely. Is it about how differently they moved and lived? For sure. Is it how little we still know about them and the world they existed in? Absolutely.

Everything that I do as a fabric designer is about indulging my childhood fantasies. I try to hold on to all of the things that we so easily let go of as we grow up like wonder, amazement, creative logic and delight. Typically, dinosaur fabrics are for children and I don't know who made that decision but I wildly disagree. Roar! is whimsical take on fancy dinosaurs for those of us who keep one foot firmly planted in fantasy. My prehistoric landscape is drenched in details and color. Here you will find a sophisticated T-Rex in a topiary, A Triceratops out for a stroll on a windy parkway path, Happy little hidden Raptors in a dainty damask and Pterodactyls taking time to smell the flowers. It's just your average lazy afternoon in the garden with the giants of Earth's history."

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