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Sue Spargo Sparkle Paint Chips ( 5" x 5" ) -

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A stunning curated bundle of hand dyed Sparkle wool! 

  • Hand dyed in house in Sue Spargo’s Ohio based studio.
  • Sparkle effect speckled throughout the piece of wool
  • 100% wool, milled in the USA.
  • Superior grade and ultimate thickness for amazing dimension with layering
  • Fray resistant

Bundles include 6 Sparkle Colours in 5" x 5" square pieces.

  • Grey Pack:  Pearl Grey, Grey Flannel, Slate, Charcoal, Black, Dark Chocolate
  • Brown Pack:  Latte, Fog, Bark, Saddle, Parchment, Chestnut
  • Green Pack:  Spring Leaf, Artichoke Heart, Avocado, Electric Lime, Peridot, Pine Needle
  • Teal Pack:  Oceanfront, Turquoise, Amazon Green, Lagoon, Cloud, Deep Teal
  • Blue Pack:  Blue Iris, Larkspur, Peacock, Crystal Blue, Powder Blue, Baby Blue
  • Violet Pack:  Eggplant, Plum, Very Berry, Lavender, Orchid, Dogwood Rose
  • Red Pack:  Bordeaux, Dark Cerise, Holly Berry, Flame, Raspberry, Flamingo
  • Orange Pack:  Rhubarb, Primrose, Salmon, Pumpkin, Persimmon, Kumquat
  • Yellow Pack:  Old Gold, Mango, Goldenrod, Sun Yellow, Creamed Butter, and Golden Wheat
  • April Showers Pack: Pearl Grey, Powder Blue, Avocado, Rose Petal, Baby Blue, Lavender 
  • Nature Pack: Black Cherry, Garnet, Rust, Sagebrush, Blue Spruce, Sea Spray
  • Spring Greens Pack: Sea Spray, Blue Spruce, Electric Lime, Latte, Spring Leaf, Peridot
  • Before the Storm Pack: Robins Egg, Deep Teal, Dogwood Rose, Baby Blue, Plum, Blue Iris
  • Bouquet Pack: Lagoon, Pine Needle, Kumquat, Tea, Flamingo, Just Peachy
  • Dawn Pack: Spice, Rose Petal, Tea, Robins Egg, Just Peachy, Indigo
  • May Flowers Pack: Sun Yellow, Rhubarb, Cloud, Peridot, Larkspur, Lagoon 
  • Citrus Berry Pack: Parchment, Pumpkin, Goldenrod, Creamed Butter, Raspberry, Salmon


All sizing is approximate, as each piece of wool felts differently

Sue Spargo Sparkle Paint Chips ( 5" x 5" ) - Reviews

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