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Countrywide Yarns Purrino 8 ply

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Brand new this season, 'Purrino' 8ply.

20% NZ Brushtail Possum combined with 80% 18 micron fine Merino gives this yarn a superbly soft handle and noticeable 'loft' as the possum fibres come to the surface of the knitted fabric. 
This creates the exclusive and luxurious warmth only achievable with possum, natures best insulator.  With these fine fibres it is possible to achieve excellent yarn length for weight with 140m on a 40g ball. 
The natural light and dark shades of Possum fibres create a melange effect when blended and dyed with Merino, the length on the ball means less weight and cost per garment. 
From Countrywide Yarns: "We have been in the yarn business for 46 years, this the most satisfying yarn we've brought to market.  Enjoyment for the wearer and crafter both."

Weight: 8 Ply DK
Length: 140m per 40g ball
Blend: 20% NZ Brushtail Possum, 80% Merino
Recommended needle size: 4mm
Yarn Tension/Gauge: 10cmx10cm 22S/30R
Care instructions: Gentle hand wash

12 colours available

Countrywide Yarns Purrino 8 ply Reviews

4.0/5 based on 1 customer reviews
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  • 4/5
    I really wanted to hail this yarn as a wonderful substite for fingering + mohair so popular in current patterns. Super soft, wonderful colours, lightweight, lovely halo, whats not to love? However, just be aware that it's fragile. A few frustrating breakages during construction of my project - thfinal straw today as I gently stretched my laboriously finished tubular bindoff the yarn snapped to reveal a row of 'live' stitches. . . .

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