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Lana Grossa

Welcome to Lana Grossa at The Ribbon Rose! Your ultimate destination for premium knitting yarns and patterns. Immerse yourself in our extensive collection boasting hundreds of exquisite options, meticulously crafted to inspire every knitting enthusiast.

Indulge in the luxurious touch of Merino wool, sourced from Italy, ensuring unparalleled quality and softness in every stitch. Whether you're seeking the perfect 8ply, 5ply, 4ply, or 10ply yarn, Lana Grossa offers an unparalleled selection to bring your creative visions to life.

Explore our curated kits designed to ignite your imagination and streamline your crafting journey. From cozy sweaters to delicate accessories, our patterns cater to all skill levels and style preferences.

Discover the joy of knitting with Lana Grossa, where passion meets precision, and every project is an opportunity for artistic expression. Elevate your creations with our premium yarns and unlock endless possibilities for your next masterpiece. Experience the difference of Lana Grossa today, with the most comprehensive collection now available at The Ribbon Rose in Auckland, NZ.

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