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Liquitex Professional Acrylic Masking Fluid 118Ml

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Liquitex Masking Fluid Medium is a colourless, latex-based liquid used to mask areas of work with fluid applications of acrylic colour and washes. It is ideal for blocking off areas of a painting allowing the surface to show through. Masking fluid is also great to use when you want to create layers and preserve areas of your painting you do not wish to paint over.

Liquitex Masking Fluid Medium is best used with water based paints, acrylic paint, acrylic spray paint, acrylic ink and watercolour. It can be used on all acrylic friendly surfaces such as canvas, paper and cardboard.

Make sure the masking fluid is fully dried - not sticky to touch before applying washes over the top. Then, once the wash is fully dried, simply peel off to remove.

Choose a suitable brush/tool to apply to ensure you get the detail you want. Dip your applicator in soapy water before dipping in Masking Fluid - this will make cleaning easier later. Carefully paint onto the areas you want to protect and leave to dry. Wash your tools with warm soapy water straight after application. Once dry, you can paint colour on freely. Avoid abrading or overworking areas where masking fluid is applied.

Remove Masking Fluid as soon as possible for best results, carefully starting at the corners and peeling back slowly.

Do not use on damp or soft sized paper nor is it recommended for thicker acrylic paint application.

More Information

  • Use With Acrylic
  • Application Painting
  • Size 118ml
  • Medium Type Effects Medium



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