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Liquitex Professional Liquithick Additive Gel 273Ml

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Liquitex Liquithick Additive is a thickening gel for use with water soluble acrylic paint and mediums. Used in small amounts (pea size) it produces handling characteristics close to that of oil or encaustic paint. At higher concentrations it can thicken paint or mediums to a more sculptural consistency. Drying time will vary from 24 hours to 7 days depending on the amount added. Liquitex Liquithick Additive dries to a matt surface without increasing transparency. Archival safe. Mix the Liquitex Liquithick Additive together quickly with the paint or medium to ensure even distribution.

More Information

  • Use With Acrylic
  • Application Painting
  • Size 237ml
  • Medium Type Additive
  • Product Type Bottle

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