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Seedling Black & White Tote Bag

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Get tote-ally glamorous with the monochromatic DIY tote bag. The perfect book carrying accessory.
Seedling do-it- yourself craft sets contain quality materials that kids can assemble into a unique creation.

This tote set comes with a nice canvas tote bag plus three different black and white fabrics.
There are two kinds of ribbons, two black wooly pom-poms, white craft glue and an assortment of glitter glue.
The directions are clear and simple, suggesting the maker to cover the work area over and to sketch their designs before they begin.
It also tells them they will have to let things dry, preferably over night.
This set is about inspiring creativity rather than specifying a set design.
Scissors for cutting fabric is not included.
Some adult help will likely be needed depending on thje age of the designer.
Recommended for 5-12.

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