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Seedling Design your Own Tablet Case

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Seedling Design your own Tablet Case.
Showcase your creative side by adding your own customized design to a soft tablet case. The DIY craft kit comes with fabric, bright beads, and a colorful assortment of embroidery thread to create an original look.
Protect your digital gear in style while on the go.

Embroidery Thread, Needle and Instructions.
Seedling kit contains:
• Pre-made tablet case
• Square pegboard
• Plastic beads
• Tongs
• Wax
• Embroidery thread
• Embroidery needle
• Instructions

Recommended for ages 7 - 12.
“At Seedling, we believe in the limitless potential of children’s imaginations. Our company
was born from a desire to create products that help families imagine, create and play together.”

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