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Fluid Easy Block Pad HP 300gsm

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Explore Fluid Easy Block Pad Hot Press (HP) 300gsm Papers: Precision and Quality Redefined

Unlock a world of artistic precision and premium quality with Fluid papers meticulously crafted at slow speeds for unparalleled control.

  • Select from a range of formats:  Whether you prefer squares, landscapes, or panoramas, the collection of 16 distinctive blocks presents unparalleled choices, igniting fresh avenues of creativity for painters.

Fluid "Easy Block "– Sheets Glued on Two Edges:

  • Effortless Painting: Paint directly on the top sheet within the Fluid watercolor block, held flat by glue along two long edges.
  • Simple Release: When your masterpiece is dry, use a dull knife or letter opener to release the glue along one edge, allowing you to pull your painting free.


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