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Knitpro Mellow Mothers Day Crochet Set

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As the name signifies – calm, gentle & easygoing, such is a Mother.

As her special day approaches, express your love for the most important woman in your world: Your Mom! 

She has enriched your life with her love and support right from the beginning. 

Her generous spirit has helped you grow, flourish and become what you are today. 

In the spirit of celebrating the existence of the extraordinary women who bring boundless warmth and love into our lives, embark on a historic Mother's Day celebration - Introducing the "Mellow" Crochet Gift Set – a perfect blend of warmth and elegance.

This set boasts magnificent metallic copper crochet hooks with beautifully crafted walnut-hued wooden handles, creating a classy, warm blend that's as unique as the women we adore.

Beyond their aesthetic charm, these hooks are designed to enhance their crafting experience.

The smooth, glossy, ergonomic handles provide a comfortable grip, making each crochet session a lovable and rewarding experience.

Let's create unforgettable moments, expressing gratitude for the incredible women who make our ordinary life extraordinary — wishing you all a joyful women's day in advance!

Contents of the Mellow Set:

  • 7 Crochet Hooks: 
    • 3.00 mm
    • 3.50 mm ( US E )
    • 4.00 mm ( US G ) 
    • 4.50 mm (  US 7 ) 
    • 5.00 mm ( US H ) 
    • 5.50 mm ( US I ) 
    • 6.00 mm ( US J ) 
  • Wool Needle
  • Folding Scissors
  • Tape Measure
  • 10 Metal Stitch Markers


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